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Satoshi Nakamoto:

I thought one of the benefits of Bitcoin was the ability to remain anonymous. I would be hesitant to use coinbase because they require verification and a link to personal bank information. Are there any other wallets that do not require your bank details?

Satoshi Nakamoto:
Yes!  :) You can find someone who is selling bitcoin in your neighborhood and pay cash.

Since this is still a new concept, I would imagine that there are some people just giving away bitcoins. Is it possible to earn free bitcoins? If this is possible, how quickly could someone get one full bitcoin.

I haven't seen any bitcoins for free.  Where did you hear about this Jodie?  I know our local radio station had a contest where they gave away a coin.  As they gave it to him, bitcoins were going through a painful process where one of the big bitcoin companies lost a bunch of bitcoins, so the value dropped dramatical from $900 to $500 a coin.


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