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The blockchain in the financial vents has created wealth myth one after another. As the hottest application nowadays, can blockchain technology promote the prosperity and development of the world financial industry like the technologies of Internet and big data? There are many stories in the waves of wealth that are worthy of recognition. Let us talk about the story of Ajm and its founding team Jewish saint "jT" today.

Jewish merchant Ajm

Jewish merchant Ajm is an asset token issued based on Blockchain 4.0 technology.

Jewish merchant Ajm is designed by Jewish saint JT for the purpose of cross-chain asset transfer, safe and stable trading, protection of privacy, and addressing the financial pain points, combining with the most advanced blockchain 4.0 technology, it is based on technological innovation and rich application scenarios to create a financial unicorn.

In 2008, Nakamoto published an article in a mail group discussing the encryption of information on the Internet, outlining the basic framework of the Bitcoin system. In 2009, he established an open source project for the system, officially announcing the birth of Bitcoin.

Nakamoto is used to blocking the screen while on the phone, hiding his name from an email, and obsessing with two things in his life: money and secrets - this is also the two words that best describe the blockchain technology. Nakamoto has been working on the development of Bitcoin code. According to the network spread before the Bitcoin network was released, Nakamoto sent a private version to his family. This version is the source code of bitcoin originally created by Nakamoto.
It seems that the released version of Bitcoin has a completely different creation block, which is most likely the original code of Ajm. Maybe for Nakamoto, Bitcoin is only a preliminary water test, and Ajm is a heavyweight practical application. Ajm is the twin brother of Bitcoin and is constantly upgrading on the basis of Bitcoin, with the power to change the world. Speaking of which, we have to mention the Jewish saint "jT".

Jewish saint "jT"
It is the founding team of the Jewish merchant Ajm, the leader of the global economy. The Jewish nation is God's chosen people. The Jewish saint jT, composed of world-class Jewish consortium elites, innovating the global digital economy.

There are not many Jews in the world, about 16 million, accounting for 0.25% of the world's total population. It is a veritable "minority." But such a small Jewish nation not only has a lot of wealth, but their excellence is also well-known throughout the world.
There are many world-famous celebrities among the Jews, and people are familiar with them: Einstein, Freud, Chaplin, Picasso, Mendelssohn, Kissinger, Spielberg... Since the Nobel Prize was established, 22% of the winners are Jewish, which is nearly 100 times that of other ethnic groups.

Jewish merchant Ajm is changing the world

Therefore, Jewish merchant Ajm inherited the wisdom from the bones of the Jews, with its own light from its birth. Based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 technology, it has become the world's second largest asset token at the beginning of its birth, and has attracted much attention of global token assets enthusiasts. In the future, Ajm is expected to change the world financial pattern and realize the global cross-border settlement ecosystem.

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