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Jewish merchant AJM opens new rules of wealth game
« on: June 10, 2019, 11:56:38 PM »
Former US President Roosevelt once sighed: "There are only more than two hundred enterprises that affect the US economy, and only six or seven Jews who manipulate these enterprises." The wealth of Jews had a lasting influence on society.

Today's Americans have to deal with Jews directly and indirectly as soon as they open their eyes in the morning. As early as 1885, the Jews controlled 234 of the 241 New York garment factories. Americans wear underwear with Calvin Klein, Levis jeans, and a shirt with Ralph Lauren, all of which are the brands created by the Jews. Among the cosmetics that American women love, the bosses of Helena Rubinstein, Estee Lauder, Revlon and so on are Jewish.

Americans buy a cup of Starbucks coffee on their way to work, eat a Haagen-Dazs ice cream after dinner, live in Fairmont, Lodz, Hyatt and other hotels while traveling, and take a carnival or royal Caribbean cruise ship on vacation. These companies both are founded by Jews or run by Jews.

For the Jews, they naturally seem to have the business talent of money, in today's field of science and technology, the Jewish saint JT actively deployed the blockchain industry, based on the fourth generation blockchain technology to create the world's first AJM encrypted asset for the purpose of realizing the ecological construction of the whole network, and to realize the overall reform of the banking industry and establish a global distributed digital bank. The three major features of AJM are:

1. “Resonant transaction” with Bitcoin to realize the mutual value of AJM and BTC!

AJM’s Resonant transaction refers to the one-way exchange of BTC to AJM. The standard currency unit of AJM is called Aollar. With the support of many of AJM's mechanisms and features, Aollar's total market capitalization will eventually reach an unimaginable number. This can continue to stimulate AJM's entire ecological expansion, just as a perpetual motion machine can always provide cash flow into the AJM ecosystem, which is an unprecedentedly powerful design for decentralized finance.

2. Build a credit wealth mechanism, and promote the Jewish spirit by trusted stamp fission!

Cooperation is the most important driving force for human civilization. Without trust, there is no cooperation. AID is an identity in the AJM society that can form an expanding fission promotion network that brings AJM users closer together. Each AID address can be split into 12 AID lock relationships; that is, under each AID, fission can reach up to 9,726,655,034,460 (about 9.7 trillion) fission relationship AIDs. This is a huge network of sales relationships, and you will gain endless wealth.

AJM is the first breakthrough project to popularize multi-layer interpersonal fission rules and profit cash flow channels through block chain technology. This new form of technology has changed the industry rules of existing capital games through technical means, completely ending the various scams that appear in the capital games.

3. Build the global AJM master nodes and share the dividend brought by “digital bank”!

AJM, its core value is: support the whole network ecosystem with digital banks, realize value symbiosis with resonant effect, and change Jewish wisdom into the legend of the times! The value of blockchain encrypted assets lies in the application ecosystem, otherwise there is no value. Jewish merchant AJM realizes the value of encrypted assets by establishing the ecosystem of digital bank. AJM solves the shortcomings of traditional banks through digital bank, and finally realizes cross-border settlement and globalization of digital bank.

AJM will open a new wealth game rules, keep up with this wave of operations, you will reach the height you could not reach before, come on, the world is waiting for you to change!
The following is telegram groups of AJM project, welcome to the groups!


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