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Fixed barrack, floating soldiers, this sentence is also applicable in the field of the token economy.

Since 2009, the world's first token-through bitcoin has been produced, and it has been more than ten years since. Thousands of types of tokens have emerged during the period, but most of them have been fleeting and fleeting. In addition to bitcoin, Ethereum and a few major mainstream tokens firmly occupy the position of the hegemon, most of the other types of tokens do not last long.

If you want to go longer and further in the field of the token and even the blockchain industry, you must look for experience from the past development process--improve the ecological construction and accelerate the application of landing is a way of sustainable development to promote the development of the token economy. It is also the direction that Jewish merchant AJM is working hard for.

Exploring in the world of blockchains, one step ahead of boundless, and to stay where you are is to be complacent, and the ending can be imagined.

After 2018, many countries, including China, have entered  the stage of high-rapid development. Take China as a example, this year, large and medium-sized Internet companies, financial companies have released their own blockchain platform products. For example, Thunder is the first to release the Thunder chain. Then, Tencent released TBaaS, Baidu released the XuperChain, Ali released the ant blockchain BaaS, Jingdong released the JD chain...

One year later, these technology companies are more motivated in the blockchain. In early April, Jingdong Blockchain's underlying engine JD Chain announced its open source and simultaneously launched open source community. Baidu, after launching the blockchain engine BBE platform in February, recently revealed that its blockchain system is about to open source;
Ant Financial Services Group, owned by Ali, recently said he would issue digital assets on the blockchain in "some form of token" after listing the ant blockchain, a subsidiary of the independent blockchain, at the beginning of the year.April 10 On the day, Thunder Chain also released a series of new technologies and web development tools including support EVM, WASM dual virtual machine, etc. - Catalyst, further improve the development environment, improve development efficiency, and accelerate the development and landing of blockchain applications.

From the open source and openness of the blockchain underlying technology, the improvement of the incentive mechanism, and the landing of the application scenarios, Chinese Internet companies have not only accelerated the pace of exploration after nearly two years of blockchain testing, but also began to "change", the purpose is the same - in order to apply the blockchain to the real economy.

What makes Jewish merchant AJM win a place in the fierce competition with the other giants? It is an earlier and more perfect application layout than the other giants.

The team behind Jewish merchant AJM originated from the Jewish consortium JT, a wise Jewish consortium. The Jewish merchant AJM was based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, which prior to other competitors to plan the global ecological construction. Jewish merchant AJM will challenge traditional finance from cross-border settlement and payment. Securities investment market, product traceability, games, copyright, enterprises to launched on the blockchain will also be carried out at the same time, changing the old concept and old order of the token economy. At the same time, it has a huge driving force to promote its own development!

If you want to get a vast sky, you must have the courage to advance bravely. The  national spirit of the Jewish saints that dare to fight has come into use, the Jewish merchant AJM's future prospects are bright!

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