Author Topic: The business of a Jewish merchant is to make money with his head  (Read 77 times)


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If you don't think and judge yourself, you just leave your head to someone to take care.

There is a famous saying in the West: "The gold mines excavated from people's minds exceed the gold mined from the ground." Wealth is based on the head. The Jews say that your value is the head, not the hand. They rely on their heads to make a fortune. Jews seem to be very relaxed when they are doing business. They are actually thinking about problems.

"There are much of welth. Unfortunately, your pocket is too small. If your thinking is wide enough, your wealth will increase." The Jews said. The Jews were very smart to do business, and they made money with their smart-minded minds. This is the business principle of the Jews: as a merchant, his task is to find a way to make a complete and reasonable business plan, and the rest of the things is waiting for the money to make money.

There is such a story in Talmud:

There was a king who had a large vineyard and hired many workers to take care of it, one of whom was particularly capable and skilled, so the king asked him to manage the garden. One day, the king came to the vineyard for a walk and let him accompany him. After the day's work, the workers queued up to receive wages. Almost everyone had the same salary, but when the person who took care of the garden received the salary, they protested and discussed. They thought that the worker had only been working for two hours, and other time is hanging around with the king, so he couldn't get the salary equivalent to others. Then the king said, "I sent him because he is familiar with your work and is here to take care of you." Although he only did two hours of work today, when he left, you still finished the task as he gave you, and his two hours finished the work you had only completed in one day, so his salary was the same as before. "

Work achievements cannot be calculated in terms of working hours, nor in how much work he has done, but in terms of the amount of effective labor achievements that he has obtained in his actual work. It can be seen that wealth is absolutely obtained by the brain of wisdom. The traditional way of relying on physical strength to work will not get a lot of wealth. Even the legendary Hercules are just making ends meet today.

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