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After more than 10 years of development, blockchain has been known and accepted by more and more people. The social changes blockchain brought are obvious to everyone. Security is an eternal topic in blockchain industry, and the wallet’s security should not be ignored as it touches on the core of users’ assets.
However, in recent years, cryptographic asset wallet security incidents keep happening. The losses of coins, stealing of coins and the breakup or runaway of platforms are common, so people are in great need of security of their assets.

Tark wallet, the leader of the new generation of digital wallet
TarK wallet is the first in the world to adopt the dual-form cold wallet protection mode, and it develops a multi-person collaborative management function by introducing the high technology from Silicon Valley, which greatly reduces the risks facing users’ assets and thus protect users’ assets. TarK wallet will automatically turn on the disconnected mode when it is not in use, create trades and signatures on the cold end, and connects to network and broadcasts trades on the hot end. In this way it provides a strong protection shield for the general certificate assets, completely eradicates hackers and resists various kinds of assets risks. Compared with the traditional encrypted assets wallet, TarK wallet has strict control on payment and withdraws by adopting the two password security management mechanism, namely the seed password and payment password to eliminate asset embezzlement and fraudulent use. It uses encrypted storage, security verification, and deletes after use and never connects with the internet.
TarK wallet stands out with two super features and six advantages
TarK wallet has two super features of anonymity and security, and six advantages of multi-currency, fast speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verifications and the third-party open ecology. It supports the payment, storage and transactions of a variety of global certificate assets, and integrate various apps such as games, community and live broadcast, which makes it a comprehensive blockchain platform. In addition, TarK wallet also has the advantages of timely reminder of trading results, market consultation on various platforms, real-time query of personal assets, multi-language and multi-currency support, global users linkage operations, communication through QR code/NFC. One wallet can meet users’ all requirements.

TarK wallet provides perfect solution for global cross-border payment
Starting from the pain point of cross-border payment, TarK wallet realized the digitization or programmable of currency, securities and banking services through the fourth-generation of blockchain technology, which can not only solve the pain point of cross-border payment, but also become the mainstream business model of blockchain application in various industries. TarK wallet cuts down the payment circle, reduces costs and increase transaction transparency by making use of the blockchain’s features in decentralization and transparent transactions and there is no involvement of third-party payment institutions. In the future, we plan to make 1 billion people become users of TarK, create a global settlement ecology, and finally realize the vision of digital bank.
TarK wallet is the typical application of chainblock 4.0 technology, and also an excellent representative of decentralized encryption asset wallet. We hope TarK can help more encryption asset lovers, enterprises and business solve their security crisis and global payment issues, and help millions of people to experience the convenience brought by TarK wallet.
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