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Jewish Saint JT: work hard for the truly good time
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Economist Saifedean Ammous once said: People usually refer to the period of the gold standard as la belle epoque, the "good time." From 1870 to 1914, the whole world was peaceful, there was no war, every country was in the gold standard, and with free trade on a global scale. However, with the shift to the government currency, all of these began to collapse, inflation has become more and more serious, and may evolve into an assistant to the world war. In addition, it has helped endless hegemonism. I think tthe history of the more than one hundred years of government currency will usher in the end.

Saifedean Ammous's point of view is not a exception. When the token economy challenged the traditional economy, people's consciousness has gradually begun to awaken - apparently the Jewish saint JT is at the forefront of the awakening of consciousness.

The history of the development of the Jewish nation has always been a legend in the world. The Jewish nation and the Arab nation share the same roots, but the origins were deep and the contradiction was endless. The Jewish nation has suffered through the hardships, but it has inherited a unique national spirit in the development of the times. The Jewish population is very small, but it has produced many great people who influenced the world and created remarkable achievements and wealth.

Jewish holy JT is a team of descendants of a nation full of wisdom. This team inherits the Jewish national spirit and quality, and carries forward it in the course of exploration and development, and creats the power to shake the world. In the new era, the Jewish saint JT creatively launched the Jewish merchant JT. Jewish merchant JT is a new type of token asset based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. As the twin brother of Bitcoin, it overcame the weaknesses and disadvantages of blockchain 1.0 represented by bitcoin, blockchain 2.0 represented by Ethereum, and blockchain 3.0 represented by Ripple, have made great breakthroughs in atomic cross-exchange, lightning network, and cross-chain trading and so on.

After a decade of development, the blockchain has become an indispensable part of today's world economy. The blockchain market began to return to calm from the initial fanaticism, and people began to think about the connotation and significance of the blockchain itself. For what the blockchain is, people began to wake up from the original confusion.

The essential significance of blockchain technology lies not in the issuance of coins, but in the reconstruction and shaping of the original operation system of the traditional industry, thus constructing a new smarter and safer contract system. How to maximize the value of the blockchain is the question that all of us in the market should think about.

The old order should be broken, and the new world rules need to be established - Jewish merchant Ajm is interested in aiming to be the first one to change the old world of the token Assets. Based on this understanding, Jewish merchant Ajm's development vision is based on technology as a sword, setting off drastic changes in the traditional financial field, cross-border settlement and payment, securities investment market, product traceability, enterprises’launching on the blockchain, etc, seamlessly connecting billions of people around the world to create a decentralized application ecosystem, so as to achieve a great desire to change the world.

Jewish merchant JT has already made full efforts on the way forward, and a truly good time will come.

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