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When the old system can't satisfy or even hinder social development, we need a brave man, a leader who guides us forward, and takes the lead in blowing the horn of eliminating the old system and innovating——Jewish merchant AJM live up to expectations and takes on the heavy responsibility of the times!
Smashing the old system - Jewish merchant AJM has raised the revolutionary sword
As we all know, the financial service industry is an important driving force for global economic development, and it is also one of the most centralized industries. The information asymmetry between the two parties in the financial market has made it impossible to establish an effective credit mechanism. There are a large number of centralized credit intermediaries and information brokers in the industrial chain, which slows down the efficiency of the system and increases the cost of financial transactions——this is the old system that we are going to smash.
The blockchain has been placed on the high hope of changing the world. But later, some people raised questions. When did the hope begin to disappear? 2018 is a boundary. Before 2018, whether it was a blockchain or a token asset, the development were prospering : the blockchain not only affected financial services, banks, and commerce, but also combined with other cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things; The token assets also attracted the favor of a large number of investors, especially Bitcoin, which reached a level of nearly $20,000 by the end of 2017. After entering 2018, with a collapse in price, people began to question and reflect on the concept of block chain, mainly involving digital currency bubble, regulation and other issues - this is the old system that we are going to smash.
Back in the industry itself, the problem is mainly focused on technology and applications. Decentralization construction was slow, security problems occured frequently, and trade delays are technical bottlenecks; although a large number of Dapp have emerged, the product design is not yet mature, which does not fully reflect the unique advantages of blockchain technology, and the landing application is still in the exploratory stage - this is the old system that we are going to smash.

Building a new world - Jewish merchant AJM, with technology and application ahead
After a decade of development, the blockchain has become an indispensable part of today's world economy. As an extremely important part of the industry, the token field will become the biggest future of the blockchain, and it will also be the rising star of social and economic development.
Jewish merchant AJM has seen the development of the token industry for ten years. It has learned from the ups and downs of thousands of kinds of tokens, and it has overcame its shortcoming by learning from other's strong points. It has finally created a world-renowned token asset.
As early as ten years ago, when Nakamoto was proposing the concept of bitcoin, the Jewish merchant AJM’s idea of changing the world had sprouted, just waiting for an appropriate time. The subsequent development reality is well known. Bitcoin is like a pioneer who explored the road. It experienced the obscurity of its birth, and it also experienced the success of sensation of the world, and then fell from the altar that everyone was hurt. It bears the hope of a generation and witnesses the disillusionment of glory. All of these has provided a reference for the Jewish merchant AJM's sublimation and breaking.
Based on the advanced fourth-generation blockchain technology, Jewish merchant AJM's development vision is based on technology as a sword, in the traditional financial field, in cross-border settlement and payment, in the securities investment market, in product traceability, in enterprises’ launching on blockchain. In all areas, there has been a drastic change, seamlessly connecting billions of people around the world, creating a decentralized application ecosystem and realizing the good desire to change the world.
A digital revolution that is unprecedentedly sweeping the world is coming, and a new world full of hope is about to be established. Are you ready?
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