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1. Who is Nakamoto? This is a mystery that has so far been inconclusive.

If we're the closest to Nakamoto, it is probably in May 2016 when Australian computer scientist Craig S. Wright said that he was the father of Bitcoin. At that time, even Gabon Anderson, the bitcoin code merger that Nakamoto appointed, also testified that he privately used the private key of first and ninth blocks ( Nakamoto transferred the mining income of the ninth block to the late Bitcoin developer, Hal Finney) to sign the phrase "Gavin's favorite number is eleven" and was verified by Gavin Anderson.

However, in the evidence published by Craig Wright, he only signed a fragment of a speech in 1964 when Jean-Paul Sartre refused to accept the Nobel Prize in Literature, using a known signature message;  He did not give a respond to a reporter's request to transfer a bitcoin from a known Nakamoto address. It can't help to guess that everything is just a scam that Craig Wright has carefully arranged.

Why do you say that transferring a bitcoin from a known Sakamoto address can prove the identity of Craig Wright, and why it can’t prove to sign a document with a known signature? In fact, the reason is very simple, because in the world of Bitcoin, only having a private key can prove that a person owns the ownership of this bitcoin; and a publicly available signature information can be obtained by anyone, so it does not prove that Craig Wright owns the private key of the address, and thus can not prove his identity as Nakamoto.

2. The emergence of twin brother of bitcoin, Jewish merchant AJM, can it provide some clues in our search for Bitcoin?

The Jewish merchant AJM is a token asset based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, and it has not stepped into the public for a long time. However, the concept was conceived earlier than Bitcoin.

The team behind the Jewish merchant AJM is the Jewish saint JT. This united and powerful team is made up of Jewish national elites. The story of the Jewish nation is widely spread around the world. This nation is full of magical colors: the nation has suffered through tribulation and the national spirit has been preserved intact; the national population is small, there are many great people who who influence the world, dominating the global economic circle and controlling the lifeline of the economy... ... The influence of the Jewish people on the world cannot be underestimated.

Some people have speculated that Nakamoto may not be a person, but a group. Combined with the reality of today's Bitcoin twin brother, Jewish merchant AJM, it is not impossible that Nakamoto is a Jewish team.

One reason we say that Bitcoin is so important is that the emergence of Bitcoin has changed the form of traditional asset ownership. The Jewish merchant AJM, a new token asset based on the development of Bitcoin for ten years, has overcome the weaknesses of all major mainstream  tokens such as Bitcoin and has reached a new level in technology.

Know the mutant , kill the mutant. The goal of Jewish merchant AJM is to set off a new change in the world of token assets in the traditional financial field and create a new world. Its significance is enough to compare with Bitcoin.

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