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Cross-border payment is an inevitable problem faced by economic globalization. Many multinational companies are committed to taking a share in this market. However, the traditional payment method is limited by various conditions, which can not fundamentally reduce the transaction time, reduce the transaction cost and improve the security factor. It also provides a living space for technology-led startups, and startups solve these problems by studying new implementation paths.
The nature of blockchain technology determines its vast advantage in achieving global cross-border payments.
Each computer host is a node, and they are equal, each node in the system can interact directly, without the concept of a central node. At the same time, the transaction information of any two nodes is encrypted to the whole network. All nodes are recorded in the encrypted block storage mode and recorded separately according to the time series, thus forming a new decentralized mode. Therefore, the transmission process of the information flow from A to b is the process of transfer and settlement of funds from A to B, and A and B prove their identity through their respective digital signatures, and do not need third-party trust endorsement to directly realize peer-to-peer electronic cash payment.
The blockchain-based transfer payment system is characterized by high efficiency, high security, high availability, and high scalability. By using blockchain technology and distributed accounting, each user can query the transaction status and settle the funds in real time by password, which not only reduces the transaction cost and risk, but also greatly improves the transaction efficiency.

The investment value of the token assets is recognized by the public, and the application value of the token assets is also recognized by the merchants. More and more countries and businesses agree on the settlement method of the tokens. The token asset is the general trend of the future economic development of the world and is listed as the eighth wave of wealth in the world!
The Jewish merchant AJM, created by Jewish saint JT, is based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, surpassing BTC and ETH, and is presented to investors with an unstoppable trend, allowing investors enjoy the miracle of technology and life change in a new round of wealth waves. The Jewish saint JT's power is undoubtedly, composed of  members of the world-class Jewish consortium who control the lifeblood of the world economy.
With the continuous development of information technology, the continuous upgrading of technology not only brings new changes to the payment system, and token assets will also bring new changes in currency issuance and other aspects, token assets may become the gold of the Internet age.
It is reported that in the new normal state of the world's current economy, the token assets are superior to the traditional banknotes. The traditional banknote is relatively expensive in terms of issuance and circulation, and the issuance of the token assets can better solve this problem. Thereby reducing costs and playing a better role in improving the payment system of all countries around the world.
In the future world, Jewish merchant AJM will attack traditional banknotes and lead a new era of token assets, bringing a new experience to the world.
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