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In this world, the development of a nation has attracted the attention of everyone. They have less than 0.25% of the world's population, but they have experienced all kinds of tribulations and many great people who have influenced the world. Marx, Einstein, Freud, Heine, Chaplin, Picasso, Mendelssohn, Bergson, Husserl, David Ricardo, Luxembourg, Kissinger, Spielberg... These people have created enormous social values in various social fields such as science, literature, art, finance, entertainment and other social fields.
First. Exploration on the Origin of National Spirit

Until now, there are still many people trying to explore the reasons why Jews can survive from several tribulations. Why they can maintain national spirit without being assimilated, and why they can create the power to promote social progress again and again.

The Jewish national spirit is most fully embodied in their culture. The story of Jesus in the Bible is the most exemplary representative of the Jewish spirit. The Jews will also show this great spirit in the process of appreciating art. In a museum, there is a very special painting, on which a person is playing chess with the devil. It is explained that this person is the representative of our human beings, and the devil symbolizes the power of dissidents, symbolizing sin and depravity, and in order to win, both sides have tried their best to make the last hurrah.

The situation on the painting is: the devil captured the human beings, this trick is vicious, pointing to the key, the human beings can not support, seeing it will be defeated. There was a special person who came to visit the painting. He stood in front of the painting and refused to leave for a long time. Suddenly, he got excited and shouted, "there's one more move, one more move!"

Later, the staff of the museum knew that this special visitor was originally a Jew.

Yes, in the eyes of the Jews, the devil often makes people desperate and ruined. However, human beings are not willing to be captured, he must resist, to rise up, and work hard to smash the devil's tricks. The balance of life often swings between hope and despair, but for a tough nation, as long as it persists, as long as it refuses to give up, it will always come up with the last move to turn things around.

This is precisely proved by the history of the Jews.
Second. Legendary Jewish Saint JT

Be able to adjust your life style at any time in response to changes in the environment. They all adhere to this philosophy of life: as long as they change in a positive direction, there is no need to be ashamed. In order to survive, they chose to endure and approach their goals step by step in the process of change.

It has been said that the elite of the Jews formed a special group - the Jewish saints, and the Jewish saints were the core force to promote the prosperity of the nation. This group has unique creativity in the country's discrete tribulations. It has built a lofty belief in the process of changing the world and promoting social development. They have wisdom, ideals, and a spirit of contributing a lifetime to the innovation of the world.

The Jewish saint JT is a branch established from this special group. The financial and digital economy fields are the direction of their efforts - smashing the old system, changing the old world, breaking the traditional rules and establishing new ideas.

Third. Jewish merchant Ajm changes the world
Inspired by this advanced thinking, the Jewish saint JT is fully committed to launching the world-leading token asset--Jewish merchant Ajm, whose vision of development is to change the world!

The Jewish merchant Ajm is a token asset created by Jewish saint JT based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 technology. It is the twin brother of Bitcoin, and it is constantly upgraded based on Bitcoin and the previous mainstream currencies, with the power to change the world, known as the 21 st century digital gold.

Jewish merchant Ajm will make a drastic change in the traditional financial field, in cross-border settlement and payment, in the securities investment market, in product traceability, in enterprises’launching on the blockchain, and seamlessly connect with billions of people around the world. To create a decentralized application ecosystem and change the world by realizing the globalization of the digital economy. In the next decade, Jewish merchant Ajm will establish a new set of token world order!

The old world will collapse one day, and the Jewish saint JT will lead us into a new world!
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