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The Browser-based Blockchain


As the first blockchain built as native to the web platform, Nimiq lowers that barriers to entry for blockchain technology and makes it significantly more accessible for the mainstream.

Current available cryptocurrencies are complicated to use and counterintuitive for the average person. Further decentralization is difficult if access to blockchain technology is limited to technically skilled people.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE:   (Shortened URL, skip ad after 5 sec.)
Nimiq is designed to be used by everybody

Nimiq is the only blockchain created and designed specifically for mainstream adoption.

Features of conventional blockchain that inhibit mass adoption:

Blockchain data around 100 GB, which means synchronization time could take up to an entire day
Software installation is absolutely necessary
At least 10 minutes for transactions and high cost in micro payments

Nimiq is designed with simplicity and mainstream adoption in mind:

Nimiq dramatically reduces the amount of download data required to sync by using NIPOPOWs and the mini blockchain scheme: Nano clients synchronize in seconds with any device that supports a recent Browser. Nimiq is written in JavaScript, which is the native language of the world wide web, so no additional software installation is required.

Nimiq Ecosystem

The Nimiq Protocol enables an easy-to-use ecosystem running directly in your browser without the need of installing additional software--in line with our vision of widespread accessibility and adoption.


The Nimiq Miner can be used by anyone with a modern browser. Browser mining pools provide a steady reward for devices with low hashpower. Installation packages are provided for Windows and Linux.


The Nimiq Safe is accessible by the web, including support for Ledger Hardware Wallets (in approval process).

Account Avatar

Account avatars (Identicons) help the user visually distinguish one account from another. Each account is identified by an IBAN-like account number that has the ability of detecting misspellings. Both features are designed to protect users from typos and scams.


Block time: 1 minute (inspired by the results of "On the Security and Performance of Proof of Work Blockchains").
Total supply: 21 billion tokens divisible by 10⁵ resulting in 21e14 satoshis, identical to Bitcoin.
Block reward: Starting from 4405 NIM and decreasing in a curved fashion—inspired by Monero and Cryptonote—until 4000 satoshi have reached. The Remaining NIM will be rewarded in a linear fashion until the total supply.
Max Block size: 140 kB
Difficulty adjustment: Each Block.

Nimiq Non-Profit

As established and promised by the creators, there are two accounts vesting over 10 years with 2% and 2.5% respectively of total final amount of NIM:

Nimiq Foundation supporting the long-term financing of the Nimiq project:

Contract Number: NQ09 VF5Y 1PKV MRM4 5LE1 55KV P6R2 GXYJ XYQF

Contract Account Balance: 525'000'000 NIM

Nimiq Charity supporting projects of high social and ecological impact:

Contract Number: NQ19 YG54 46TX EHGQ D2R2 V8XA JX84 UFG0 S0MC

Contract Account Balance: 420'000'000 NIM

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